A well-insulated roof: The cost-effective basis for solar panels!

A well-insulated roof: The cost-effective basis for solar panels!

It is true that solar panels and solar boilers are a sustainable investment. You have better efficiency if you combine the panels with a well insulated roof. If you then opt for the white, reflective and cooling bituminous IKO carrara waterproofing layer, the efficiency effect is even stronger.

Research has shown that the temperature of a roof has a direct influence on the performance of the solar panels. The higher the temperature of the roof, the lower the yield of the panels.

Combine the white IKO carrara with the IKO enertherm ALU insulation for the flat roof to benefit from maximum efficiency!

  • The white membrane ensures extra light falls on the panels.
  • Thanks to the unique compressive strength of the insulation panels, the flat roof can carry the installations on the roof without any worries. No damage
  • A two-layer bituminous system provides unconditional waterproofing of the roof.
  • IKO carrara can also be used in renovation projects.

The Flemish Energy Agency (VEA) is currently launching the Flemish solar map. A simple online tool that lets you know in a few clicks how your roof scores in terms of solar energy. If your roof has a good score, the solar map will automatically calculate for your roof what the investment in solar panels and/or solar water heater will be, but more importantly what it will yield for you.

Invest now in roof insulation

  • By 2020, all roofs of owner-occupied and rented dwellings must have a minimum level of roof insulation
  • Flemish subsidies via network managers Eandis or Infrax:
    R-value of 4.5 (or higher) m²K/W

    • €6/m² if fitted by a professional
    • € 3/m² if you perform the works yourself