About IKO

About IKO

IKO Group

IKO is a pioneering producer of roofing, insulation and waterproofing solutions. With over 30 factories and 4,500 employees worldwide, IKO is a player at the global level. The company’s headquarters are in Toronto, Canada.

Our vision

IKO continues to be a family business and is financially independent, allowing short lines of communication and rapid decisions to translate into a highly versatile and powerful company. Among other things, this has helped IKO become a top 3 company in the high-yield PIR hard foam insulation sector in Europe in the space of just 10 years.

At IKO, it is our daily mission to develop sustainable and ecologically responsible total waterproofing and insulation solutions for buildings. IKO manufacturers all the components itself: bituminous and plastic roofing membranes, high-yield PIR insulation and liquid waterproofing systems. And all of this under the IKO brand.

IKO values

Sharing knowledge:
We believe that working together to share knowledge and insights in an environment of teamwork and operational excellence will result in the best product range for customers and a healthy working environment for employees.​

We believe that by acting honestly, respectfully and responsibly and by being accountable, we will meet the expectations of the family.

Long term:
We believe that with every decision, we need to take into account the current and future consequences for employees, customers and suppliers, and ensure the continued success of the organisation.

We believe that by continually challenging ourselves to improve everything we do, we create added value for everyone.

We believe that being modest ensures honest, open and respectful interaction with all people, both internally and externally and regardless of their role.

We believe that having an open mind, considering alternatives, and being prepared to make timely decisions based on knowledge, experience and robust information is important for our success.