Improve your skills at the IKO experience center

Improve your skills at the IKO experience center

At IKO, the ethos is all about Pushing Limits: we always aim to do better and to pursue innovation.

We are keen to share our newly acquired, valuable insights with you. That’s why we have transformed our training center in Antwerp into the improved ‘IKO Experience Center’. Here, we offer free training and refresher courses focussing on the use of (new) IKO products and techniques.

Take a look in our brand new IKO Experience Center

Who are the training courses aimed at?

The training courses at the IKO Experience Centre are suitable for building professionals such as
roofers, building materials suppliers, fitting specialists, architects and building engineers.
DIY partners are also welcome at the Experience Center.

Find your ideal training course

All our training courses are free of charge. They offer interesting growth and learning opportunities for both experienced professionals
as well as apprentices, e.g. with regard to preparing and finishing the work and correctly and efficiently applying the products.
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Liquid waterproofing

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Basic techniques + detailing


Liquid waterproofing

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Specialised training course to become a certified installer


Personalised training course

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Looking for a training course tailored to your needs?

What are the benefits of the IKO Experience Center?

Financiële tussenkomst

Compensation in terms of training course and wage costs

The IKO Experience Center is recognised by fvb Constructiv, the sector fund of the construction industry. As a result, you are usually entitled to financial compensation.

Ideale mix tussen theorie en praktijk

Perfect mix of theory and practice

Both for the certified and the standard training courses. As such, you are able to put theory immediately into practice.

Ontvangst opleidingscertificaat

Receipt training course certificate

Everyone will receive a training course certificate upon completion. Upon completion of the ‘Certified Installer training course’, you will receive a Certified Contractor license.

Ervaren instructeurs

Experienced instructors

Our IKO instructors have years of practical experience and general knowledge in delivering training to both young and old.

Opleiding in alle veiligheid

Learning in a safe environment

At the IKO Experience Center, we take all measures necessary to ensure a safe learning environment, both in terms of physical risks and COVID-19.

Leuke extra’s

Great extras

Each training course includes a delicious lunch free of charge and a goody bag at the end.

What is the difference with the previous training center?

Our approach at the IKO Experience Center is even more professional. Compared to the previous center, we now have a much larger and more qualitative space, in a completely renovated building. For instance, we installed an extractor system. As a result, there is no need to go outside anymore during training courses where liquid products are applied.

When the weather is nice, we simply move the scale models of the training course outside to allow the course to continue in realistic conditions.

The entire building is suitable for a total experience, including presentations and demonstrations. And finally, we are also extending our training course offering with new products and techniques. So there’s lots to experience!


Do you have any questions about the IKO Experience Center or the training courses we offer? We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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