Training course introduction

Training course introduction

Training course introduction pour liquid waterproofing

IKO flexia

Liquid waterproofing

Basic techniques + detailing

IKO Experience Center
d’Herbouvillekaai 80,
2020 Antwerp

Start: 8:30 am
Lunch: will be provided
End: 5 pm

Prior knowledge required?

No prior knowledge necessary


  • Short theoretical product introduction (max 1 hour).



  • Instructor demonstrates the installation method.
  • The student then practises the installation.


At the end of this training course, the student will:

  • Know the difference between a single-component and a double-component system.
  • Know which IKO flexia system to choose depending on the application.
  • Have mastered the basic techniques for installing the chosen IKO flexia systems

What to bring with you?

  • Work clothing
  • Work shoes
Application training course introduction for liquid waterproofing