IKO metatech Detail

IKO metatech Detail

Two-component PMMA waterproofing system that consists of:

  1. IKO metatech Bitumen Primer
  2. IKO metatech Detail
  3. IKO polyester Fleece 110
  4. IKO metatech Detail


  • Roof details


  • Two-component: extremely fast installation and drying
  • Sustainable PMMA technology
  • Installation possible under poor weather conditions
  • Viscous: does not drip down when applied vertically

IKO metatech Detail

A two-component coating based on methacrylates that cures after the hardener powder has been incorporated. Apart from fast curing (after only 45 minutes), IKO metatech Detail is also characterised by rapid installation, as the second layer is applied wet-on-wet to the first layer.

IKO metatech Bitumen Primer

A two-component primer based on methacrylates for bitumen roofing membranes, plastic roofing membranes and asphalt.

IKO polyester Fleece 110

A reinforcement fleece consisting of non-woven polyester with a density of 110 g/m². This fleece is rolled out in the wet first layer of IKO metatech Detail and pressed in areas that are subject to heavy footfall. It therefore ensures the strength, stability and longevity of the system.


ETA-15/0478 certificate (European Technical Assesment) according to ETAG005 – view all certificates