IKO tanetech Balcony

IKO tanetech Balcony

One-component PU waterproofing system that consists of:

  1. IKO tanetech Concrete Primer
  2. IKO tanetech BT
  3. IKO glass Fleece 225
  4. IKO tanetech BT


  • Balcony, terrace, gallery, staircase


  • EOne-component: simple and rapid installation
  • Proven moisture-curing PU technology
  • Ideal for large balcony projects
  • Various decorative finishes

IKO tanetech Concrete Primer
A two-component primer based on epoxy for concrete and cement-bound surfaces.

IKO tanetech BT
A one-component coating based on PU, which is applied as the first and second layer on the cured first layer. In addition to excellent flow properties, it also exhibits excellent UV resistance and thermal stability.

IKO glass Fleece 225
A reinforcement fleece consisting of glass fibre with a density of 225 g/m². This fleece is rolled out in the wet IKO tanetech R-EC and pressed, and provides the strength, stability and penetration resistance of the system.

IKO tanetech Finish
A one-component transparent varnish based on PU.


ATG 2562 certificate
ETA-13/0285 certificate European Technical Assesment) according to ETAG005 – view all certificates