IKO tanetech Roof

IKO tanetech Roof

One-component PU waterproofing system that consists of:

  • IKO tanetech Bitumen Primer

4. IKO tanetech R-EC
5. IKO glass Fleece 225
6. IKO tanetech R-UV


  • flat and pitched roof


  • One-component: simple and rapid installation
  • Proven moisture-curing PU technology
  • White color (reflection) is available as standard

IKO tanetech Bitumen Primer
A one-component primer for bitumen roofing membranes, metals, hard plastics and wood.

IKO tanetech R-EC
A one-component coating based on PU, which is applied as the first layer. In addition to excellent flow properties, this coating also has a high dry matter content and excellent adhesion to most roof surfaces.

IKO glass Fleece 225
A reinforcement fleece consisting of glass fibre with a density of 225 g/m². This fleece is rolled out in the wet IKO tanetech R-EC and pressed, and provides the strength, stability and penetration resistance of the system.

IKO tanetech R-UV
A one-component coating based on PU, which offers excellent UV resistance and thermal stability. This coating is applied to a dried IKO tanetech R-EC layer. On larger roof projects, both IKO tanetech R-EC and IKO tanetech R-UV are applied with an airless spraying system to optimise efficiency.


ETA-13/0168 certificate (European Technical Assesment) according to ETAG005 – view all certificates